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Living with Spiritual Awareness

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What is Awareness?

Awareness (noun) = a knowledge or perception of a situation or fact.

If you have ever thought or asked questions such as “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?” or “For what purpose do I serve in this world?”, then be glad. Do not dismiss these musings or thoughts as unimportant or unworthy of exploration.

You are actually on a good path towards finding your Zen and hopefully one day, Spiritual Enlightenment!

It’s this willingness to seek answers to such questions, to observe (and then perceive) the fabric of life and the Universe (situation) of which we are all a part of, that defines you as having some level of ‘spiritual awareness’.
The type of awareness that can only bring about the greatest and most fulfilling experiences one could ever have in life.

Whether it be in your personal life or career, if you have never invested any time and effort into your spiritual consciousness (i.e. spiritual awareness) and the roles you wish to play in these areas, do not be surprised if life feels like it’s not moving in the right direction!

In fact, you may even doubt which direction it is you wish to take. Simply because you’re not informed, haven’t considered the full picture of life, so you just take whatever turn on whichever road you come across. Not because you know where you’re going, but because it is there and you haven’t put any thought into whether that’s the road that can lead you to your desired destination. It’s no rocket science that if you don’t move in the direction of your goals or what you want in life – you certainly won’t be loving your life! At best you may enjoy a bit of coasting on the lull of ‘alright’, but who wants to live like that!

People who invest in learning and developing their spirituality are the ones that will have a clearer understanding about themselves and how they fit into the world, with all their bells and whistles, warts and all, puns or no puns (and knowing what these are all made up of, because they have thought about it!).

It is by far a more purposeful way of living that will empower you to live the life you always dreamed about. A life that will strike the happiest chord within you, giving you meaning.

You see, something magical happens to those that are spiritually aware. They tend to see things in full colour, beyond the shadows and the Universe moves in to help bring them all they truly need to be happy. A lot of that good stuff!

So be sacred, not scared.


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