Benefits of Reiki

The effects of Reiki when given by a devoted healer to an open heart, can be extraordinarily beneficial to a person’s overall health and wellbeing.

The result is a clearer, brighter and healthier you.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki can help you:

Increase your energy

If you’re feeling tired and lethargic – chances are your energy zones are depleted and require a ‘tune up’. Just like a musical instrument that has been played over and over, eventually it will go out of tune and just not function ‘right’ or ‘play beautifully’. Reiki will act like a ‘tune-up’ to your personal health engine and restore you back to your natural energy level and optimal performance!

Reduce stress and anxiety

We all go through life’s ups and downs, so it’s important to manage away stress and anxiety.

Even if you practise mediation or exercise regularly, being human we are prone to overwhelm ourselves mentally and emotionally. This can lend to physical and mental illnesses including pain, anxiety and depression if left unchecked.

When this happens, we need a way to clear away negative energies and toxins that we create or pick up along the way. Reiki will act like your favourite vacuum cleaner and rid you of any unwanted negative energies that cause you stress, tension, panic and anxiety. This is one of the greatest benefits Reiki offers.

Relax and feel tremendously good

During a Reiki treatment, it is common for many people to fall asleep as they enter into a deep state of relaxation, releasing all worries, tension and negative energies that are unhealthy. This creates the optimum condition for healing to take place.

Regular Reiki will also help to improve sleep.

Gain greater clarity and perspective  

Ever get stuck on a problem or recurring issue with someone? Ever come across dramas or misunderstandings that cause emotional pain at home or at work? Reiki will remove any blockages in your energy flow and help you release negative patterns within yourself that cause unnecessary conflict and stress to you. It will clear away what is unneeded, so you can get clear and back to state of calmness and peace.

Heal illness and strengthen immune system

As Reiki is a healing practise that addresses the whole health of a person, it is known to successfully help with pain management, stimulating the immune system and relieving mental disorders. It is particularly effective in accelerating the recovery process of patients in hospitals or those with injuries.In fact, many of my clients with back or knee injuries reported an immediate relief in pain, post treatment. Whilst for long term injuries, a treatment plan is provided to help maintain and support the healing process going forward.
Click here for some research articles on this.

Heal hurtful and difficult experiences

If you have suffered from painful experiences, trauma or loss and find it hard to ‘let go’ or find a resolution to a problem – Reiki treatment can help clear away what is unneeded, so you can get clear and find a path to resolving your problem.

By clearing away negative energies or excess thoughts, it creates that space within you to heal all wounds,  old and new. Most of all it can help you find the best path forward to happiness and peace again.


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