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The Most Important Relationship You Can Have

Having a relationship with God, the Universe or whatever you prefer to call it – my choice is God – is a very powerful and comforting state of being.

Simply, it is the most important relationship you can ever have. 

Without acknowledging there is a Higher Power – we are basically ignorant to the truth that we are not created by any greater force including nature. How could that be so.

When we have Faith that there is a Higher Power and we try to establish a relationship with this almighty source, we are humbled naturally. We have the opportunity to achieve some level of humility when we recognise that there will be things and circumstances we cannot control and also take responsibility for our actions which we have taken through our ‘freedom of choice’ that God has given us.

We are all created equal and have untapped talent from the moment we are born. So our life mission perhaps is to be awakened to this truth and tap into whatever we have been blessed with. The joy of discovering what these talents are and what they can help us to create is what will help us live up to our highest good – our personal best, so to speak. Therefore, if you follow this path, you basically follow your heart and that will always be the best path to take.

By having regular conversations with God through focused meditation, thoughtful healing practices (including sessions with oneself), praying or even free-writing this will help foster an open channel to allow for His messages to come through your subconscious being so that you remain clear on your life path. In fact, any form of creative expression can help to open up the channel for this positive life force to flow through with ease. If you’re a Creative or Active person, this could be through music, acting, sports or jogging…

Once you allow God to have a place in your life, you will start living a more meaningful and fulfilling life. You will begin to see with greater clarity all the wonderful blessings you have been given.

As living creatures we walk through life, day and night yet some will only ever see shadows as they look down at their feet. If they only lifted their spirits and Faith higher, they would be faced with a light so bright that they could never doubt its wondrous existence.

This brightness is our connection with ‘Love’s source’ – God, the Universe, Mother Nature – our Soul.

Be sacred, not scared.


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