How does Reiki work

Reiki is an amazingly effective healing method used to identify and alleviate problems of energy flow in a person on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

The Reiki practitioner connects and transfers healing energy (ie. from God/ Universe/ Nature) to a person to remove negative/ unwanted energies, enhance the body’s healing ability as well as improving their clarity and wellbeing.

During the treatment, the practitioner hovers their hands over certain areas of a person’s body – generally working through specific spiritual zones known as ‘chakras’ and meridians from head to feet – allowing the clean and healing energy to move through. Sometimes the palms can be placed directly onto the person’s body to improve the energetic connection.

Once a person’s energy system has been cleansed and restored back to balance – they will feel the benefits of this immediately or a few days after a treatment.

Is Reiki Safe?

Reiki is perfectly safe as it is non-invasive (and largely non-physical) unlike some other forms of alternate therapies out there.

Using pure energy, it will induce high levels of relaxation and healing in its’ highest form, tailored to suit a person’s needs and health condition at the time.  It does not replace conventional medicine but certainly complements it well. In fact, there has been research to indicate that Reiki has successfully helped many patients with acute and chronic illnesses in areas of pain management, stress reduction and improving immune systems. Some hospitals have even introduced this as part of their rehabilitation/ recovery programs available to patients.

What can I expect in a Reiki treatment?

You arrive and are greeted by your practitioner (that’s me!). If it is your first visit, you fill in a client form and I will explain to you what your Reiki treatment involves and provide a Five Points Wellbeing Check to gage your current state.

You will have the opportunity to advise me of any specific health needs or concerns you have. Then you will lay on the treatment table and relax while we start your beautiful Reiki treatment.

After your treatment, we will discuss any questions you may have.

For completeness, Post Treatment Notes with recommendations will be given to you, so you can measure and track your wellbeing over time.

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