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Dynamic Reiki Level 1 & Leadership Program - June 2021

Dynamic Reiki Level 2 & Crystal Healing Program - May 2021

Enrolment open now. 

Classes are intimate.

ONLY Limited spots available.

DYNAMIC REIKI LEVEL 1 & LEADERSHIP is my beginner flagship transformational program that I've been dreaming up for quite some time.

After 1000+ Healings and passionately teaching students the art of Healing well with Reiki – I have finally created a UNIQUE & comprehensive program that combines both Spirituality with Personal Development to help you unlock your Energy codes to Success!


Tapping you into your Higher Consciousness, boosting your Self-esteem so you can express your Genius True Self and Confidence in no time!

I will teach you how to connect with and use your own Inner Power to create the life you desire.

I will teach you how to hold your Vision and BE FEARLESS in the face of all that you have been planning to do in your life.

You will  learn how to be who you truly are without hiding behind any facades or shades of fear or doubt anymore.

This is a POWERFUL Energy activating and experiential learning program that will take you on a full Spiritual journey.

And complete with my


5 sigma health model

We will cover: 

Energy Management, 

Mindset Mastery, 

Levels of Consciousness, 

How to cultivate Positive Self-Leadership to define your Identity & Purpose


improve your Mind, Body and Spirit connection. 

Helping you attract greater love, joy and wealth into your life!

"Because YES, you do have the POWER to create this in your life."



what's covered?


- Introduction on relevance and importance of your Mindset vs. Levels of Consciousness 

- Self-Awareness tool: 5 Sigma Health Model

- Leadership principles: Introduction to my Signature 'Self-Leadership paradigm' covering Identity, Lifestyle and Purpose

- How to apply the Self-Leadership paradigm to create a Business or Career that aligns with your PURPOSE, gifts and passions


Reiki, Energy Management & Spirituality

- Shoden Reiki I: 'Shoden' means 'first teachings' in Japanese which is the first level of teachings in Traditional Usui Reiki

- The 5 Diamonds of Traditional Usui Reiki:

Reiki Attunements

Meditation techniques

Energy Healing: hands-off and hands-on techniques

Mantras and Symbols

Reiki Precepts

- 30 Days Online Self-practise (to integrate learnings and complete the program)

You will also receive:

- A comprehensive Reiki Level 1 Manual

- Traditional Usui Reiki Certification upon completion 

(This Course is Industry Recognised by Australian Reiki Connection ARC: Australia's oldest Reiki Association). 



(this level qualifies you to practise reiki professionally) 

what's covered?

Reiki, Energy Management & Spirituality

- Okuden Reiki II: 'Okuden' means 'inner teachings' in Japanese. An opportunity to further deepen your understanding and connection to Usui Mikao's traditional teachings and the energy between Heaven (Divine) and Earth. 

- Learn about Reiki Shirushi (Symbols) and Jumon (Mantras)

- You will receive 3 X Attunements to Level 2 Reiki Symbols:

  • 1. The Power Symbol - for improving focus, cleansing Energy (person and spaces) and boosting one's power 
  • 2. The Mental/ Emotional Symbol - for emotional healing, balancing the mind and heart connection and even improving memory and retention. 
  • 3. The Distance Symbol - for conducting remote healings/ energy work from anywhere in the world.

- Use of Mantras to enhance Reiki practise

- How to use Reiki professionally if that is of interest to you (with tips given on how to effectively integrate this with other modalities for business. eg. Yoga, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Coaching/ Counselling...)

- Energy Healing: intermediate hands-off and hands-on techniques

- 30 Days Online Self-practise (to integrate learnings and complete the program)

Crystal Healing

- Introduction to use and benefits of Crystals (geo-minerals) in the home and for self or professional healing practise

- How to select the right Crystals that harmonise with healing/ energy objectives

- How to cleanse, recharge and take care of Crystals

- How to effectively use Crystals with Reiki to enhance treatment for Self or client 

You will also receive:

- A comprehensive Reiki Level 2 Manual

- Traditional Usui Reiki Certification upon completion
(This Course is Industry Recognised by Australian Reiki Connection ARC: Australia's oldest Reiki Association)



Please contact us to join the Waitlist now. 

“Lee is very nurturing, helpful and guides you during and post Immersion..."

My Reiki Level 2 experience with Lee Luu was absolutely amazing. She is very intuitive, has a beautiful and kind soul and her voice is Angelic.  


When you listen to her voice during the meditation in the course, you are on Cloud 9.


Lee is very nurturing, helpful and guides you during and post Immersion of Reiki Level 2.


I have been lucky enough to take Lee’s Reiki course and I’m immensely grateful to be mentored by her.

Nora kokai -
Wellness therapist
(also certified remedial massage therapist)








  • I will help you Activate your Inner Universal Power that gives you access to your Higher gifts including how to use Reiki Energy healing for yourself and others.
  • It’s going to be a PHENOMENAL life-changing experience and you will take with you a new set of skills, embodied in a new Energetic State that will help you live your best life yet!
  • As this program includes Energy Activations and is focused on Energetic Principles combined with Personal Development, it is only limited to a small group of people.
  • This is a high-powered program designed only for those who are FULLY READY and COMMITTED to creating a positive, long-lasting transformation in their life!
  • You will deep-dive with me as your Mentor and Coach on what to do and be there in heart, body, mind, spirit and soul in this highly practical program as we go ALL IN – to break free from past paradigms and patterns that no longer work and into new ones that do. 
meet your
Soul Whisperer


is an Energy activator.

healer, transformational coach

& some even call her the "Soul whisperer"...

Lee empowers spiritually  open and conscious men and women to clean up their Energy, get attuned to their True Power, connect to Self-Love - so they can rise up to their full potential and Confidence. 

Already she has helped over 1,000 clients successfully clear anxiety, stress, limiting beliefs, past trauma and negative attachments so they can return to their highest state of Health,  Performance and Happiness. 

One of her greatest gifts is being able to read and translate people’s Unique Energy codes, Soul Pattern and Gifts so that they understand how to use this to achieve abundant success and build their best life, keeping their Spiritual and Physical needs in good balance.

What you'll get:

1 Weekend Immersion

Learn my Signature 5 Sigma Health Model™ for Success

1-on-1 Energy Activations from Reiki Master Healer, Lee Novak

Learn about the fundamentals of Traditional Usui Reiki

Learn and practice introductory and advanced techniques in Reiki healing (Energy healing for Self and Others)

Certification for Traditional Usui Reiki Course Level 1, 2 or 3 (subject to completion of full program and verification from Lee Novak - yes I do hold you accountable to learn it properly)

Learn how to nourish and strengthen your Physical health 

Learn how to Meditate and build positive 

self-esteem and boost your confidence

An introduction to the Science behind your Subconscious beliefs and how to break free from fears and negative patterns

Learn how to Create a Mindset for Success

Learn how to build healthier Relationships (with partner, family, friends, work colleagues…) and how to be Emotionally balanced through ups and downs

Introduction to Energy healing and management tools such as Crystals and why and how you would use them

and Here's more...

  • Comprehensive Traditional Usui Reiki Manual 
  • Online practical Reiki exercises/ videos/ audios for 30 days post each Immersion to support your growth
  • Key Meditations for students of this program
  • Lifetime access to my Sacred Membership portal: houses my best Spiritual and Personal Development tools and techniques
  • Private FB Community support that you can access 24/7 - where I regularly jump into answer any of your questions and share latest ideas and insights across Energy Healing & Management, Self-Leadership and cultivating Artistry & Success. 
“Lee was able to help me manifest moving to a new city,
secure a new job..."

I had the pleasure of getting some of my first Reiki experiences with Lee and following this I was inspired to learn Reiki Level 1 with Lee and was then lucky enough to join her Life Coaching program!

I was always AMAZED at her abilities. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and always knew how to get to the root of my problems, whether through healing with Reiki or her transformative Coaching.

She was able to help me work through a lot of negative perceptions and blocks giving me a new and refreshing outlook on life focused around building a deep connection with my spirituality.

Over a short period of time, Lee was able to help me manifest moving to a new city, secure a new job and got clearer on my vision and goals in life. 

Above all else, Lee is such a gentle and kind soul who is very compassionate and caring. She has been very influential for me on my spiritual journey and I can’;t thank her enough for guiding me on my path."

dave woods - 
engineer & energy healer
“I highly recommend Lee and her Mastery teachings..."

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Lee for the beautiful Reiki Level 2 attunement.

Lee’s knowledge and wisdom is so insightful and takes you on a spiritual journey of Self discipline, expanded awareness and a level of growth which leads you to opening up to LOVE and allowing your Soul come back to it’s true natural state of freedom.
I highly recommend Lee and her Mastery teachings if anyone is wanting to further their quest on Spiritual Awakening."

michelle cannalonga - holistic wellness therapist

March 2021 intake



This is for the person who wants to express the Leader within themselves!
Somebody who knows deep down, within their Soul, that they are walking their own path and need to start LIVING as the Star of their own life again – not just in service of others.

This is for somebody who is ready to STEP UP from where they are in their life, Self and Existence to be at a Higher point, wanting to connect to the Quantum field as they have never done so before.

This is for somebody who is READY TO REAWAKEN, embrace and receive the Magic that exists within them.  

This is for somebody who is wanting to commit to doing something just for them that will shift and raise them to their highest and most actualised state of being.

This is for somebody who is ready for positive transformation in all areas of their life – in all aspects of their health and wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual.


It is not for somebody who is skeptical about the existence of God/ Universe or who is only doing it because they feel it is an easy way out of a problem situation. It is not a “Get Spiritual Quick’ program (see what I did there) ;) 

3. is this program tailored for men or women?

This program is tailored for ANY HUMAN being who is ready to stamp out any old and outdated paradigms and ways of thinking, feeling or being. It is for anyone who is seeking to be in a higher and more uplifted state in who they are. It will grant you the tools you can access for the rest of your life, to heal any part of you that needs healing. It will very quickly clear away anything that doesn’t serve you.  Bringing in and attracting into your life what truly does.

4. do i get a refund if i change my mind?

No.  Just as I’ve expended my energy that once you’ve received, I cannot claim back, you cannot get a refund.
Energy = Money.  Money = Energy.

An important value to learn.

You will know at the time of committing to this if this is right for you. 
(Note: in the case of emergencies, we can discuss other arrangements)

5. i'm not very spiritual, is this program for me?

You don’t have to be super Spiritual, but you have to be open and willing to grow your Spirituality and your connection to something beyond just what you can see and touch.

If you’re ready to open up yourself to new and heightened states of being – of Energy – of something that is in the ‘unseen’ – then this is for you. If you are not, then you’re better off reading more personal development books or studying something else that focuses on one particular aspect that interests you. Eg. NLP if you want to change your thought patterns.

If you are ready to connect on a level that’s beyond your brain.  Beyond the physical construct of who you are – this is the program that will give you the full embodiment experience of Transformation. Remember, everything starts and ends with Energy.


Aside from the Weekend Immersions (about 9:30am-5pm) – that includes personal Energy Activations that you will receive from Lee – you’ll have post-Immersion exercises for 30 days to do. Those exercises will take any where between 10-20 minutes to do each day. Making it very achievable for anyone! 


You will be fully certified with Traditional Usui Reiki upon completion of the program. Level 1 is the Introductory level where you learn how to self-heal and heal others. Level 2 is the Practitioner level that enables you to commence a professional career as a Reiki Practitioner to help others if you choose to.

Level 3 is the Master Teacher level that enables you to teach others if you choose to.


There is a Master level program available.  
Register here on the waitlist when you are ready or contact me on info@sacrednotscared.com.au

9. do you offer monthly payment plans?

Yes I do - please enquire with me. 


I have trained and practised Reiki extensively with 1000+ diverse people before moving into Teaching! All from different age groups and backgrounds.

Once I had worked and discovered a best practice methodology to using Reiki, I then turned these skills and experience into this comprehensive program today - that is second to none in the Industry!

I uniquely combine my Leadership experience, principles and teachings with the power of Traditional Usui Reiki, Spiritual wisdom and Energy Management principles - so that my students can get the most out of using Reiki in the most practical and transformative ways.

Helping them become POWERFUL Awakened Leaders and Artists in the world. 

Many Reiki Course Teachers typically jump into teaching first without having worked extensively in 1:1 sessions. I have committed to doing the work first, before designing this unique Course based off real results gained from happy clients. If you need more testimonials than listed here, please get in touch and I will provide you access to some happy clients and students.

11. is this program available internationally?

Not at the moment as this is an experiential program where I am teaching and personally conducting Energy Activations for each person. Anybody from anywhere in the world is of course able to join this course in Melbourne. In future, I may develop something that reaches people remotely but not for now.