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Being Emotional is Intelligent

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Have you been feeling tired or stressed?  Do your joints and muscles feel sore in places that you just can’t understand?

If you answered yes – chances are it’s not only your physical health that is taking a hit, but your emotional and spiritual wellbeing too. When a person does not express their emotions, it will lead to energy blockages that result into physical ailments and pain. And those that fear or feel there is a stigma in expressing emotions or even to use it as a word, are a long way off the path to health and happiness. Yes you heard right, a looooong way off!

To be ‘emotional’ is not a negative trait, it is a human one and certainly one that holds no greater relevance to women, than men. Nada. Both need it, both use it.

Being able to express emotions is one of nature’s most powerful processors of energy.  A healer of many of our woes and aggravations we experience on a daily basis. As all energies need to be processed, our emotions are a great tool for us to release negative and toxic energies from our system to allow for space and positive energy to enter.

So contrary to what some may think, a deep lack of emotion in a person is actually a sign of weakness, not strength.

Even in the great and fierce world of commerce, Emotional Intelligence or EQ is one of the most important and highly sought after qualities that any leader can have. Is it any coincidence then, that the word ’emotional’ precedes ‘intelligence’?

If we cannot feel or be in touch with the matters that invoke emotions in us, how then can we truly relate at our best and at our most intelligent to others or any business objective? We are human beings after all who feel, express and create – so when we stifle these natural responses, we block our own flow – our own success.

At our very core, we can only be at our highest, imaginative and most effective selves when we are able to accept our emotions and connect to people and situations first, before understanding how to pursue any intelligent endeavours.

Not surprisingly, business is the same. At the heart of every great business, you will find a heart-led leader who is emotionally in tune with the who, what and why that goes on in the workplace that keeps employees humble, customers delighted and profits growing.

It is our emotions and our ability to balance this, that helps determine how successfully we can apply our intelligence to every day tasks and decisions made.

If each person learns how to accept their emotions and express it with respect to others, we will open the doors to healthier relationships with them and most importantly, ourselves. Only then can we become true instruments of kindness and love and the best human beings we can be on this wondrous planet. And in the world of Spirituality: Kindness = Intelligence.

Now, are you in tune with yourself and your business today? If not, it might be time for a Reiki cleansing to restore balance back into your energy system.

Be sacred, not scared.


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