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Now more than ever, as collective consciousness rises and people’s Spirits start catching up to their Physical forms – more and more people are realising that the pathway to peace and happiness is in getting the Spirit, Body and Mind back onto the same page. This means waking up to Spirit, acknowledging Spirt and honouring Spirit before anything else.

It is a willingness to go beyond just understanding how the mind works and how it creates emotions and thus affects the functioning of the human body.

It is a total realisation that our Spirit must lead the call of Nature for each and every one of us on our life journey in how we see ourselves and the world.

In our natural form, we are designed to fit into the purpose of God/ Universe by tuning into our Spirit.

And every single one of our cells are meant to reconnect with each another in a way that is loving and intentional; without fear, without doubt.

Are you AWAKE?


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Psst… Aren’t these crystals gorgeous?
They are Spirit Quartz and Aura Quartz. 
Spirit Quartz are a crystal of harmony and alignment. They take all energies from the main stone and amplifies it over and over with each point, reflecting light back and forth so that all others can bathe in the radiance of the whole too. It has been described by Naisha Ahsian in the ‘Book of Stones’ as “a hundred-voice choir singing in harmony”. The resonance of this is spiritually uplifting and high vibrational which helps to align the aura, chakras, meridians and the physical body too.

Aura Quartz come in a range of beautiful colours. These crystals have been part of the New Age movement since the 1980s and are prized for their ability to expand consciousness, heal the physical and spiritual body with extraordinary high vibrations. They shimmer iridescently and the metallic rainbow sheen in colours enchant many! They are artificially enhanced by modern techniques that electro-statically bonds precious metals (like gold) from Earth onto the surface of a Clear Quartz – these crystals utilise ancient powers of alchemy to form a new stone which enhances the properties of the original elements as well bringing in new subtle energies of its own. These have the power to activate chakras and bring on vibrant energy.

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