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Working in Corporate? THIS one’s for you!

WARNING: This might rock your boat!

Once upon a time I worked in the Corporate world.

Some days it was a struggle but most days were pretty good. I thrived on new challenges, met some wonderful people, talent and even achieved certain success along the way.

However, the days I struggled were often marred not by the tasks, but the UNHAPPY PEOPLE. The intensity of which would be insane at times.

It was a roller coaster ride of Energies felt – especially if you were an Empath with high Emotional Intelligence (I believe I was the only one in the company at the time scoring 100% in the 360° Assessment in Covey’s 7 Habits Leadership program!) *wink.

Each week, I would observe many people around me acting out their personal fears, insecurities or leading with Ego. Rather than clarity, vision and learned skills backed by a genuine passion for what they did. Learned being the operative word. So many people had long given up on their desire to learn or improve themselves yet they were unquestionably, the same people that would complain about work and life the most!

Often I would be in meetings surrounded by people who were simply too stressed, anxious or insecure about whether they were good enough to do the job. And sadly, this lack of Authenticity would become the corporate norm I regularly witnessed.

If you wanted to “get along, just go along”… if you wanted to make an impact, “speak loudest” but be weary you may lose a few allies along the way if you got it really wrong.

Hence it wasn’t the best environment for me to personally and professionally grow and flourish in.

Which brings me to WHY I wish to share this today:

You see, ever since my first Management role, I have been determined to AFFECT POSITIVE CHANGE into the lives of those working in the Corporate world!

I saw such a huge gap in the wellbeing of many people working in office jobs. So much emphasis was placed on hitting numbers and looking good that there was seldom left over in nurturing people to be more authentic, resourceful or stronger in their roles. There was so much conforming at large scale that those who dared step outside the box, often did so at their own peril to their reputation or ‘perception’ of who they were in “the business”. At that point, I realised I either had to get on the bus and be the same, or get off it and do something different.

Now flash forward to a year on of Sacred Not Scared launching – I must say I haven’t looked back.

Of course, there will always be the die-hard Advertising Exec within me that gets excited by business growth and strategy. However, nowadays the impact I am able to make in the world has shifted, from product to people. And I am crazily, fascinated and passionate about people!

I now have the privilege of HELPING people raise their consciousness and align to their highest goals and values so they can live in greater health, happiness and peace.

Which is why the following customer review from James, a Corporate Manager, who saw me a few months back makes me so HAPPY. Here he puts his heart onto paper and shares unabashedly, his uncensored Spiritual and Energetic experience with me and Reiki.

I asked James to share his feedback in the hope that others, especially MEN will stop pushing away the opportunity to improve and master their own health and happiness!

To be NOT SCARED, but to step up and realise there are tremendous benefits to what a Reiki and Spiritual consultation can do for you. Think clarity, greater energy and your mojo back in action in all domains of your life! Not only will it benefit your work performance, but it can have profound and lasting benefits to all your relationships at work and home too.

Forget happy wife, happy life… think happy me, live free. Get out of that repetition prison now.

To make a booking or find out more contact me.

Here’s James’ review on his 1 on 1 Reiki and Spiritual consultation with me:

“Why am writing a review? Well, to set the scene, I have worked in the corporate sector for 25 years, have just turned 50, am married with 2 wonderful (and demanding) teenage children, have a busy work/home life and am reasonably fit. I think I am a pretty average middle-aged male.

Although I have much to be thankful for, I am also often deeply introspective which leads me to become anxious, withdrawn and strangely enough deeply unhappy. I shouldn’t feel depressed, and I don’t feel that I deserve the sympathy that this condition elicits from other people, but I have reached a point where my thoughts are having a negative impact on my moods, my focus and my close relationships. In short I needed some additional help. 

Following a Reiki session of her own, my wife introduced me to Lee. I had heard of Reiki, and had a vague awareness of its concepts, but I had no idea what to expect – a massage to realign my energy balance and some hints about leading a more fulfilling life perhaps?? As it happened that’s not even close. I spent 2 hours in my first session with Lee – the first hour was an insightful discussion in which Lee took great care to understand my personal history, my values and lifestyle and my emotional state of mind. What followed was a Reiki session which, to me, was so novel that I still struggle to adequately describe it. Lee’s initial treatment genuinely left me feeling invigorated, even euphoric, more positive and with a sense of being more attuned to my surroundings. It was a great emotional tonic and much needed mental ‘tune-up’ and I am returning for more.”


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