Reiki & Crystal Healing (by distance)

A better you – wherever you are

Thanks to Distance Healing, you can unlock the full benefits of Reiki through a transformative, restorative experience that transcends physical boundaries.

All forms of energy can be transferred or converted from one entity or space to another. Reiki treatment is rooted in a fundamental form of energy that exists in everything. Translated from the Japanese as spiritual ‘life force energy’, it describes a profound and pure energy flow that connects each living creature to God/ Universe.

Reiki knows no physical barrier or boundary. With a skilled and light-filled Reiki practitioner, Distance Healing can be just as effective as an In-Person treatment.

This offers a wonderful opportunity for anyone to experience transformative spiritual Healing wherever you are across the globe. With illness, mobility problems or work and home commitments no longer presenting a barrier to you receiving a deeply needed Healing.  

Geography, time and space are no barriers to a Distance Healing. Best of all, our treatments also combine the amazing benefits of Crystal healing too, all customised to suit your unique energy composition and needs. 

How can Distance Reiki & Crystal Healing help you?

Restoring positive energy

Regain your clarity, vitality and restore positive energy back into your Being. You will be cleansed of unwanted negative energies and toxins and boosted with positive energy that rebalances and realigns you in Mind, Body and Spirit.  

Reconnecting to your Higher Self

For individuals striving to achieve a higher level of Consciousness – Reiki transcends you to your highest state of clarity and grace. It will elevate you to be at your very best again. Awakening or strengthening your higher gifts including Intuition – helping you make decisions at your highest level of goodness again, in all that you do. 

Discover more about the benefits of Reiki here.

How does a Distance Reiki & Crystal Healing work?

  • You choose a date and time that best suits you
  • Let’s find out what you want to achieve. Through a phone/ email consultation, we’ll discuss your wellbeing and healing objectives. We will talk you through what the treatment covers and ask you to complete our Signature 5 Sigma Health Model™ to gage your current concerns, goals and priorities.
  • As a Transformational Coach, if needed, Life Coaching is also included as part of your holistic consult before the Energy healing commences. Lee Novak is trained as a Law of Attraction Coach and has already helped many clients manifest their goals!
  • The Distance Reiki & Crystal treatment takes place (generally, the best time is during or just before sleeping). We agree on the best time.
  • How did it go? Post-treatment, I’ll either call you or send you notes about the session – complete with recommendations to help you stay at your highest positive state

Did you know?

It was through Distance Reiki that I first started helping people before my clinic was established. The results felt by clients who received this were nothing short of amazing. Which was a catalyst for me to set up a clinic to treat those that wanted to meet in person too.

If you have any further questions about this wonderful form of healing, please contact me or check out my reviews here.


1 hour – $160

1.5 hours – $210

Our service is unique in the market.

All healing treatments include a full Chakras check, cleansing and balancing. Not all Healing services provide this as many restrict it to only localised treatment or what is specified.

As a valued client you will also be sent post treatment notes and given FREE access to a private Sacred Member Portal where you can access my top Spiritual and personal development tools to assist you on your life journey beyond.

An additional fee of $10 applies for every 10 minutes run over time.
If you are unable to attend 24 hours notice is required otherwise a $70 cancellation fee applies.
Concession/ Pensioners receive $10 off all services