Transform to your best – wherever you are!

Thanks to Remote Healing (or Distant Healing), you can unlock the full benefits of Reiki through a transformative, restorative experience that transcends physical boundaries.

All forms of Energy can be transferred or converted from one entity or space to another. Reiki treatment is rooted in a fundamental form of Energy that exists in everything. Translated from the Japanese as spiritual ‘life force energy’, it describes a profound and pure energy flow that connects each living creature to God/ Universe.

Geography, time and space are no barriers to a remote healing.  With a skilled and light-filled Reiki practitioner, Remote Healing is just as effective as an In-Person treatment. Otherwise, it would simply not be a service offered.

Which means, this offers a wonderful opportunity for anyone to experience transformative Spiritual Healing wherever you are across the globe. With illness, mobility problems or work and home commitments no longer presenting a barrier to you receiving a deeply needed Healing.  

Best of all, our treatments can also combine the amazing benefits of Crystal healing, as an added dimension to healing to be customised to your unique energy composition and needs – which will amplify the benefits you receive!


How can Energy work help you?

Restoring positive energy

Regain clarity, vitality and restore positive energy back into your Being. You will be cleansed of unwanted negative energies and toxins and boosted with positive energy that rebalances and realigns you in Mind, Body and Spirit.  

Reconnecting to your Higher Self

For individuals striving to achieve a higher level of Consciousness and performance – Reiki transcends you to your highest state of clarity and grace. Enabling you to be at your very best again in this frequency. It will awaken or strengthen your higher gifts including Intuition – helping you make decisions at your highest level of goodness again, in all that you do. And all that you seek.

Discover more about the benefits of Reiki here.


How does a Soul Session work?

  • You choose a date and time that best suits you
  • Let’s find out where you are at and where you desire to be. 
  • The session commences via a Video Consultation (ie. Facetime/ Zoom) where we’ll discuss your overall wellbeing and healing objectives. We will talk you through what the treatment covers and ask you to complete our Signature 5 Sigma Health Model™ to gage your current position, concerns, goals and priorities.
  • As a Transformational Coach, if needed, Life Coaching is included as part of your wholistic consult before the Energy healing commences. Lee Luu is trained as a High Performance and Law of Attraction Coach and has already helped many clients manifest their goals!
  • After the 5 Sigma assessment is made, the treatment then takes place
  • How did it go? Post-treatment, we will debrief via Video Consultation again and I will send you notes about the session – complete with recommendations to help you stay at your most vibrant, clear and empowered state.

Did you know?

It was through Remote Healing, that Lee first started helping people before the in-person clinic was established? And because the results felt by clients who received this were nothing short of AMAZING… this became the catalyst for her to set up a clinic to treat those that wanted to meet in person too!

If you have any further questions about this, please contact Lee or check out her reviews here.


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Take a look here for specialised services with our Most Trusted Recommended Healers in our exclusive Sacred Not Scared network.

All heart-selected by Lee:

Our Recommended Healers

Steve Noack, Connecticut USA

Steve is a Psychic and Zero point healing practitioner that works with clients from all around the world. He is also trained in the teachings of Traditional Usui Reiki as a Master practitioner, having commenced this training over 10 years ago. 

At a very young age Steve was struck by a motor vehicle and this event bio-electrically connected him to the quantum field.

During Steve’s near death experience he experienced sitting with a Being comprised solely of Light.

The Being of Light then revealed to Steve the quantum field and the connection to humanities’ healing contained in each of our divine blueprints.

Today Steve has dedicated his life to using this special gift that enables him to stimulate spiritual, emotional and physical healing from any distance through quantum entanglement and bio-photonics. 

Having successfully served over hundreds of clients of all ages and backgrounds, Steve has experience working on healing anything from the spiritual to physical ailments such as cancerous tumors through to common sport injuries.


With Steve Noack:

Zero point healing session
Phone or video session for physical and emotional healing
1.5 hours $200 USD

Inner child soul retrieval session
Phone or video
The inner child is awakened and integrated. The timelines associated with trauma and soul loss are presented for healing. Soul loss occurs during the course of life when traumatic events have been suppressed which can lead physical as well as mental illnesses to manifest.
2.5 hrs $325 USD

Dark energy removal Dark energy removal from person or dwelling
Phone or video
3 hrs $375 USD

Higher-Self Consciousness activation 
Phone or video
Cleansing and soul re-alignment is the main focus in this session. This will allow the higher self to form neural pathways in the waking consciousness to the quantum field and divine omnipotence.
The Higher Self is your True nature. It is your wise, unconditionally loving, creative, Whole, and eternal inner center. Deep down, we all carry a certain level of resonance with these words. We recognize that there is something mysterious within us, something sacred. What few of us manage to come to terms with, however, is that our Higher Self goes beyond our conditioned fears, limiting beliefs, wounds, and ego fixations. It actually represents our most authentic state of being that we’ve lost touch with in modern life. While our Higher Selves are completely free, they can be blocked, repressed, and denied by the limited ego (or small self) which will hinder our wellbeing, authenticity and success in life.
1.5 hrs $200 USD

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