An exclusive invitation to work with Lee in her most transformative and intimate program.  

are you ready to change your life and 

get back to the true you?

This is a 




for those who are ready to 


towards their goals! 

Here we get serious defining your highest goals, dream-mapping, strategising and putting your Energy into a purposeful PLAN and ACTION to achieve your desired Life Vision. 

A BOLD + UNIQUE VIP experience fully customised to suit your STYLE and 

#1 Personal and Business objectives! 

Straight to your Heart + Soul.

You can add or swap out based on what is most relevant to you!

  • Lifestyle assessment and design
  • Define your values
  • Delve into your beliefs and ensure they are aligned to your values
  • Your Career/ Business strategy: covering aspects of Branding, Marketing/ PR, Sales and Income as needed
  • Energy Mastery and Mindset tools to leverage higher self-belief, Confidence and the Power to Act
  • Examination of Psyche and Shadow parts of Self - Alchemy training - transform your mess into GOLD!
  • Learn how to use Principles of Law of Attraction to generate WILD WEALTH and abundance
  • Learn how to apply Metaphysical (Spiritual) tools and techniques to strengthen your mindset and overall Wellbeing eg. how to disconnect and clean your Energy from third-party influences, how to tune into your Inner Power and Life force Energy to stay clear, present and on your Purpose...

LIVE IN YOUR HIGHEST state of love and full potential.

“Lee was able to help me manifest moving to a new city, secure a new job..."

“I was always AMAZED at her abilities. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and always knew how to get to the root of my problems, whether through healing with Reiki or her transformative Coaching.

She was able to help me work through a lot of negative perceptions and blocks giving me a new and refreshing outlook on life focused around building a deep connection with my spirituality.

Over a short period of time, Lee was able to help me manifest moving to a new city, secure a new job and got clearer on my vision and goals in life. 

Above all else, Lee is such a gentle and kind soul who is very compassionate and caring. She has been very influential for me on my spiritual journey and I can’;t thank her enough for guiding me on my path.”

dave woods - engineer | energy healer
"She has always been the breath of fresh air
I have needed...”

“I first met Lee in 2016 and have been a client and friend ever since! Throughout this time, I have received several Reiki and Crystal healings from Lee, as well as Spiritual and Life Coaching....

Lee has given me the gift of CONFIDENCE in trusting my Intuition, to become a go-getter, and has given me the tools I needed to win my battle with anxiety. 

I find Lee to be a very nurturing and positive soul, free of judgement, and has the intuitive capacity to always just ‘know’ what her

clients need.

A truly amazing woman!

jP - health practitioner
meet the 
Soul Whisperer

Lee Luu is an 

Energy Activator, 

Master Healer, 

Success Coach and some even call her the

"Soul Whisperer".

She EMPOWERS conscious men and women to clean up their Energy, get attuned to their True Power, connect FULLY to Self-Love - so they can RISE UP to their full potential and Confidence. 

To date she has helped over 1,000 clients successfully clear anxiety, stress, limiting beliefs, past trauma and negative attachments so they can return to their highest state of Health, Performance and Happiness.

One of her greatest gifts is being able to read and translate people’s Unique Soul Pattern and Gifts so that they understand how to use this to achieve abundant success and build their best life, keeping their Spiritual and Physical needs in good balance.

What you'll receive:


3 x  Coaching Calls per month 

45-60 mins each


Action plans and Goal Tracker (tailored from calls and initial pre-coaching questionnaire completed by you)


Regular Energy and Accountability check-ins .

I won't hold your hand but you betcha I'll make you do the work!


1 - 2 Energy readings/ divine transmissions per month 


Unlimited SMS/ Messenger/ Voxer (audio) support 

(Mon – Fri 11am – 7pm)


Reviews of any important work including business plans/ revisions, marketing content and sales strategy etc… as needed


ACCESS TO SACRED success MEMBERShip material to support you on your most abundant soul journey 



Lee provides a direct, practical yet SPIRITUALLY ALIGNED approach to all her POWERFUL Coaching and training programs.

  • 3 X ENERGY ACTIVATING Coaching Calls each month (45-60 mins each)
  •  Action Plans and real-time Goal tracker (tailored from calls and initial pre-coaching questionnaire completed by you)
  • Regular Energy and Accountability check-ins from a Certified Energy Master and trained Law of Attraction Life Coach 
  • Unlimited SMS/Messenger/Voxer (audio) support (Mon-Fri 11am-7pm)
  • SPECIAL BONUSES:  Tailored Spiritual and Personal Development Tool Kit and access to Sacred Success Membership material usually reserved for members

“she has an uncanny skills set which sees through all bullshit”

“Without a doubt Lee is amongst the most compassionate and dedicated Mentors I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Not only does Lee have an inherent ability to empathise with all scenarios, she has an UNCANNY skills set which sees through all bullshit (whether it be intention or unintentional) spoken and thought; addressing, advising and helping me to understand what’s at the heart of my scenarios.

As my Spiritual mentor/ Teacher and part of my healing circle,

Lee has helped me to remain calm, balanced, strong and resilient, guiding me in developing my own awareness of my Spiritual Self. Releasing the burdens of past experiences which held me back.

Lee’s dedication and passion for helping not only myself but all of the people I hold dear that I’ve referred to her is uncompromising. Her wealth of knowledge and skills in healing are the most incredible I’ve ever experienced.

I have the utmost respect and endearment for Lee."

ross lemon - executive stylist