Commitment:  90 Minutes + 2 weeks support

on SMS/ VOXER (voice notes)/ EMAIL

Whatever it is that you WANT to work on -



A 90-minute INTENSIVE to SHIFT your ENERGY,

mind & wellbeing

to the next level...

ARE you ready?

  1. A call with Lee & 


  3. The truth is - it's always easier to see the best path ahead with someone who isn't biased to only see what they've always known! 

  4. So UNCOVER the track to SUCCESS with someone who holds complete space for you to LOCK INTO what you need to KNOW AND ACT ON right now  - to get you the results you have been desperately wanting!!

  1. With your mind constantly working through your own thoughts, anxiety and stress on the daily...  it's easy to keep delaying your goals or give up or think what you want can't be achieved quickly.

  2. That is simply NOT TRUE!

  3. You just haven't STEPPED UP and asked for REAL help yet!

  4. And after working with hundreds of clients through personal relationships, Spirituality (and what does it mean, how does it translate into the modern physical world), mental health and career/ business goals - I can help you realise the BEAUTIFUL TRANSFORMATION you've been seeking.

  5. I will help you move from overwhelm, lost or confused to AHA ! - in this UNIQUE TO YOU, BREAKTHROUGH session.

  6. As we ZERO in on your ENERGY, GOALS AND YOUR SOUL BLUEPRINT - you will leave the call with a clear ACTION PLAN and my full ongoing support to help you achieve this.

Are you still trying to breakthrough any of the following?

  • I want to find out what my Purpose is? What would make me feel FULFILLED.
  • I need a change in my career but I don't know where to start!
  • I can't seem to get more clients in my business no matter what I do!
  • My relationship feels screwed up and I don't know what to do...
  • Help!I'm feeling so overwhelmed being a Mum/ Dad/ Guardian/ Carer right now!!
  • I've lost my mojo... nothing seems to excite me anymore.
  • I'm looking for Mr or Mrs Right... and don't know WHY it hasn't happened yet?!  
  • I don't feel as confident as I use to be and I want to get it back!

Let's get started! 

I will be in touch once payment is made to confirm your booking time.

Alternatively, please contact me if you have any questions.

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