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Do you make life hard for yourself?

Elephant walking tightrope, stubborn

Like an elephant walking a tightrope – there are times in life when things get tough.

People get under our skin, we get frustrated or we keep repeating the same darn patterns that we know deep down inside cause us pain and misery.

Why do we do this?

Well, most of the time it’s simply out of habit. We can’t help but get in the way of our own progress sometimes!

We get so use to being a certain way that we become rigid and don’t know how to tilt towards change when we are being asked to by the Universe/ God (personified, by that quiet and loving voice that lies deep within each of us).

You know the one. That little voice that asks:

Why are you being so stubborn?

Why can’t you let it go and meet the person half-way?

Why do you keep doing things this way when you know it doesn’t work?!

Well, we have all heard the Universe speak to us and we have all been here before!

Thus, this is where knowing how to ’tilt’ can become such a powerful life-changing tool for us.

Tilting is the art of being flexible. It’s having the grace and strength to be able to bend with the motions of the world when it beckons us to.

So we aren’t always battling everyone and everything uphill!

By tilting and not holding onto our views or positions with dear life – we learn to be adaptive. More accomodating and just all-round easier for others to get along with!

Beautifully supporting our notions of being a species of higher intelligence able to survive and thrive under many changing conditions – because we actually can.

Imagine the kind of emotional serenity you can achieve when you don’t let external conditions or people defeat you, break you or affect you so much – simply by being flexible in any situation.

We can do this simply by moving in flow with the energies of the Universe and not against it!

Of course this does not mean you always go along with what everyone requests or says. It simply asks you to be flexible in your response to matters you don’t 100% agree with someone on, consider both sides and to be open to compromise if it doesn’t hurt you. By doing this, we are then perfectly placed to achieve harmony which makes everyone feel good. And why wouldn’t we all aspire to this.

So how do you know when or how to tilt?

Well, it’s by listening to that little voice within us called our INTUITION. The one that often tells you to:

Change your approach or you won’t solve the problem!  

Stop butting heads with people! 

Don’t resist others’ ideas and efforts just because they’re not yours!

It is our Sage. Our most qualified teacher (well, it’s the Universe/ God with unlimited power!) in helping us achieve the best outcome in any given situation.

Miraculously, this tool of unlimited Universal/ God power exists within each one of us already since the day we were born. It has always been there, like an angel or a good parent in the wings, patiently waiting for us to awaken to help us on our life journey – only if we call upon them.

So if everyone has intuition, does that mean we’re all intuitive?

Not exactly. As with all great things in life, you can’t just receive without giving and putting in some sincere effort of your own. You need to demonstrate to the Universe that you are actually serious about wanting to live an easier and better life by calling on their help.

So it asks of just one thing – you need to have FAITH. And not just any faith. An unwavering kind that proves without a shadow of a doubt, that you are ready to receive all the help you can get to live a better life right now!

This means accepting that there is something, some Higher Power that is greater than you, me and EVERYTHING out there, orchestrating our magnificent little lives and keeping the rest of us humble.

It’s just the way it works.

For without it, would be like having a glorious treasure chest that you can never open as you don’t have the key!

Your FAITH is the only key to everything you need to unlock your personal power within.

Without it, you can’t use your INTUITION properly and you certainly won’t know when or how to TILT to live a more stress-free and happier life.

So the next time you feel stressed, overwhelmed or that the world is against you – Find your Faith. Call on your Intuition. Then, TILT.



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