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Choose Happiness NOW.

The time to be happy is now.

Don’t be fooled by the little voice within – the one that stems from the outside world feeding off fear. Holding you off on a smile, telling you to ‘do this first’ then you can be happy.

Or the Ego that tries so hard to impress and overtakes your drive, self-esteem and emotions. Only to take you for a ride that you probably never even wanted?!

Remember those cartoons back then, where the Angel sits on one shoulder and the Devil on the other?
Our Subconscious being that drives much of our beliefs and actions will often feel and contest each other like that.

Our Ego or lesser selves when it acts, can be voracious and no doubt it can bring instant gratification at times too. But our moral compass, the good Angel, who is kind to all and patient will always bring in joy and happiness for the long haul. So tune into goodness and feed off those good and high vibrations instead! Choose your Angel.

Your Angel keeps you humble and focused more on the positives in life. What you have. Rather than what you keep “lacking”.

Avoid the temptation to push and push with angst and absence in your heart, just so you can get to that million dollar milestone or buy that gorgeous beachside mansion or dress yourself from head to toe in LV or Gucci…

You can still aim and work on getting all of those beautiful things but why not be present, heart centred and happy whilst you’re working on getting “the stuff”!

Be happy now. It is a choice you have the power to make.

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