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Our job becomes our way of life…


So, what does this mean?

Whether we like it or not. Agree or disagree with this… one thing is for certain. Most people who have a full-time career will end up bringing home their mindset, emotions, qualities and habits they use in the workplace.

It’s a given. When you spend most of your time at any one place, that place forms part of the foundation from which you build your identity from. This is why it is so important to choose the right job and the right career that best suits your personality, values and interests. And the sooner you invest in figuring out what that is, the better you’ll be for it! So, exactly how does one figure “this old chestnut” out?

Well for starters, look no further than any activities you’ve ever done in life that has brought you the most enjoyment, delight and even praise. Yes! If you’ve ever been told by many people, time and time again ‘oh you’re amazing at doing this’ or asked ‘how are you so good at this’ then chances are – there is something worthwhile in taking that activity and turning it into a career. Not because you are good at it, even though that is a factor but because most likely, you actually love it. Which means you will succeed at it in life!

You see, when we use our heart and allow it to guide us to make important decisions in life – we are never wrong. We are never guilty of choosing something we should have let go of or something that is a folly or something that people are warranted to laugh at and scoff “oh that would be a dream come true”; no, when we tune into how we feel, we are choosing out of love.

And everyone knows (even the ones that deny this) – only great things come out of love.

So the next time you head into work to do something you’re completely dispassionate about or roll your eyes at or that makes you feel like a robot – sorry to say, you won’t be bringing home much love at all. Most likely you’ll be bringing home tiredness, frustration and a lack lustre unexciting version of yourself who may even look a little like a robot or a worn-out rug. Sad and boring.

Look at it like a mirror. Our choices are simply a reflection of who we are and who we are, is indeed what we do. Make no mistake, it’s not what we think we would like to do, but actually what we do. Especially if we’re doing it so often at a place called ‘work’.

Now I hear it already, the backlash, the uproars, “Well if I could make a decent living doing that, of course I would but I can’t because I have to support my family” and the list goes on… To those I simply say, pick the one activity you enjoy and that you’re actually really good at, that makes enough ‘money’ for you to support your family. If an option like this does not exist, become an Entrepreneur, learn some extra skills, think smarter, set up a game plan and make it happen. Fit your skill and passion into a business. The resources that teach you how to do this are all out there but it’s not going to walk over to you, you need to take the initiative yourself and go get it!

Now if for some dire reason you actually can’t because of circumstances beyond your control making it too difficult, then wait for the next day and see if those conditions are still the same. And if they are, wait for the next day after that. Do this again and again until conditions change. Because chances are, things ultimately change and when they do – so can you. So be ready for this moment and prepare ahead of time.

Choose a career that will bring you up to where you feel you wish to be and never, ever give up on your own success and happiness.

The day I decided to venture into the Spiritual and Personal Development industry with the passionate pursuit to “do some good in the world” was a phenomenal day of personal transformation. I hope you will experience something phenomenal during your career timeline too.

At Sacred Not Scared, our healing treatments are comprehensive, unique and combine Personal Development services where you are coached simple techniques to help you build confidence and a healthy mindset.

For more information on how Reiki can transform your wellbeing and get you clear on your career again – book an appointment or call for a free consultation.

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