“Healing happens to those who seek it”

We seek to be healed for many different reasons.

But whether it’s our mind, body or spirit calling out for this healing process, or whether it’s all three of these things, what we yearn for is balance – on a profound level. We seek to be cleared of all that negativity, pain and frustration; the barriers that stop us from being the very best that we can be.

At Sacred Not Scared, we are dedicated in providing highly therapeutic Reiki treatments in Melbourne and across the globe wherever you are, via Distance Reiki. Reiki is a beautiful and powerful form of energy healing that is able to work deeply within a person to clear away negative energies and toxins, restoring positive energy and vitality back into your wellbeing!

For those who are spiritually open and feel there is something lacking in their health, Reiki can bring forth a shift from deep within – so you can shed old habits, dis-ease and patterns that no longer serve you.

Reiki Healing: channeling pure energy for positive change

It’s so easy to become disconnected from what’s really important. When we fail to connect to our ‘True Self’ on the deepest possible level, we lose connection with reality and who we are and most of all, our Reiki; the Japanese word for ‘spiritual life force energy’.

From ancient Energy Healers generations ago to a modern Reiki Healer in Melbourne today, our aim is the same – to reinvigorate that essential Universal Energy within us via non-invasive yet incredibly profound Spiritual Healing.

Soulful healing for the way we live today

From a tradition that has been passed on from Master to pupil for generations, Reiki Healing endures, evolves and enriches real lives. It does so because in our modern world, we need it more than ever.

Stress, anxiety, insomnia, physical ailments, the challenges of work, the complexities of relationships – all contribute to our need for soulful healing.

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