​It's time to blow the lid off of anything that's been holding you back and keeping you smaller than who you are born to be!







​Get Crystal-Clear on any blocks or limitations...

With my intuited Rapid-fire Coaching,
you will receive straight up, no BS, channeled guidance on what has been holding you back from reaching new heights or success in your life.

Get ​Activated in a
High-Energy Vortex while being coached...

You will receive personal Activations from a Master Healer each month that helps align your body, mind and spirit to the Divine Energy of success! 

Plus you will be coached and mentored utilising Law of Attraction principles to help you achieve your goals faster!

​Get​ Clear on an Action Plan to help you succeed!

You will be SUPER-empowered (whether Empath or not, Extrovert or not) to create a practical plan of action that will help you achieve your goals. And you will be guided on how to do this in a simple SPIRITUAL way.

here's what you'll receive each month:

3 X Group Laser 
Coaching Sessions
60 - 90 mins 

It's what I call - RAPID-FIRE COACHING!

The beauty of 1:1 Coaching in an Intimate Group environment.  

You will receive my personal attention and channeled guidance every single call relating to your desired goal.

​You will benefit from listening to your peers on the call too, so we can naturally all learn and grow together from one another's circumstances, challenges and MIRACLES experienced...

Make no mistake - lots can be revealed and achieved when we RISE UP TOGETHER!

1 x Group Healing Sessions
60 mins

During the course of this program, you will be part of an exclusive High Energy Healing vortex personally led by

Lee Novak, a high integrity Master Reiki Teacher & Crystal Healer.

Each beautiful healing will cleanse, balance and align all Chakras - as part of Lee's dedication to providing a truly wholistic approach in her unique and powerful Healing methodology.

This is where your Soul is anchored to your Spirit and where you will start FEELING who you truly are in a much deeper and authentic way again.

Access to the Sacred Success Members portal

This is a SACRED portal which houses Lee Novak's personally curated Spiritual and Personal Development tools to help you stay ZEN, grow and succeed in life!

It's a culmination of her Best Practises used to develop Spirituality, Positive Self-Esteem and Self-Leadership.

Overtime, this will be continually updated with more content. As part of your program, you are gifted this immediately with lifetime access to it.

Content includes:
- How to build a healthy Spiritual Routine.
- Divinely curated Prayers that are highly activating!
- A guide on Self and Environmental Energy Cleansing
- Powerful Affirmations & Mantras
- Guided Meditations

​All in All, You'll Receive:







+ to be a part of a Soulful Group where learnings, achievements 
and miracles are shared.


Soul Whisperer

Hi I’m Lee Novak. 

I am completely Spiritual and SUPER PRACTICAL at the same time!

I love sharing my HIGHER gifts with the World - so much so, I left my cushy 6 figure Corporate Management job in my 30s to launch a dedicated career in Spiritual Wellness!!

Talk about taking a BOLD LEAP OF FAITH right?!

These days, I help spiritually conscious men and women, clean up their Energy, get attuned to their True Power, so they can rise up to their FULL POTENTIAL and CONFIDENCE.

Because nothing breaks my heart more than seeing someone out of alignment with their truth - and being unable to embrace and EXPRESS their Self-worth!

I am a trained Master Healer and  Transformational Life Coach and using my Signature 5 Sigma Health Model™ and Law of Attraction teachings - I have already helped hundreds of clients successfully clear their anxiety, stress, limiting beliefs, past trauma and negative attachments so they can return to their highest state of Health, Happiness and Success.

Much of my work includes disconnecting people from old identities, generational pain and limitations as well as, teaching people how to STEP INTO THE REAL IDENTITY OF WHO THEY ARE, rewrite their subconscious patterns so they can start creating the life they’ve always dreamed of!

So if you're READY - I'm ready to serve you.  


  x Lee
Lee Novak
Master Energy Healer,
Success Coach & Spiritual Teacher.

Who is this for?

If you've had Reiki with me or been following my Weekly Forecasts for a while or been part of my Sacred Mastery of Self Community -
you'll know that I don't just LAUNCH anything!

A Sacred Covenant is made that IT HAS TO BE GOOD

the one who is stuck in a rut or some drama

Are you on a roller-coaster ride with life? You seem to hit a few dips every year and even though there are highs, they are short-lived. And there always seem to be some drama going on... 

the empath who needs an empathic coach to help them release fears

Yes you are rather Spiritual. Likely even very gifted! For as long as you can remember, you've always been sensitive and picked up on other peoples' energies and emotions. Sometimes it's overwhelming and you find yourself being a Martyr to all and shooting yourself in the foot. 

What my Clients say...

Dave Woods

Engineer & Energy Healer

I had the pleasure of getting some of my first Reiki experiences with Lee and following this I was inspired to learn Reiki Level 1 with Lee and was then lucky enough to join her Life Coaching program!

I was always AMAZED at her abilities. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and always knew how to get to the root of my problems, whether through healing with Reiki or her transformative Coaching.

She was able to help me work through a lot of negative perceptions and blocks giving me a new and refreshing outlook on life focused around building a deep connection with my spirituality.

Over a short period of time, Lee was able to help me manifest moving to a new city, secure a new job and got clearer on my vision and goals in life. 

Above all else, Lee is such a gentle and kind soul who is very compassionate and caring. She has been very influential for me on my spiritual journey and I can’t

thank her enough for guiding me on my path.

Jacinta Punaro

Psychologist & Disability Support Worker 

I first met Lee in 2016 and have been a client and friend ever since!

Throughout this time, I have received several Reiki and Crystal healings from Lee, as well as Spiritual and Life Coaching.

Despite having a background in Psychology, whenever I need some extra support, I have always turned to Lee, as she has always been the breath of

fresh air that I’ve needed to have me back on track in both my physical and spiritual journey!

Lee has given me the gift of CONFIDENCE in trusting my Intuition, to become a go-getter, and has given me the tools I needed to win my battle with anxiety. 

As a direct result of Lee’s mentoring and encouragement, I have successfully completed Reiki level 1 and 2 and now have the gift of healing myself and my friends. I find Lee to be a very nurturing and positive soul, free of judgement, and has the intuitive capacity to always just ‘know’ what her

clients need.

A truly amazing woman!

Danielle Kilick

Founder & Owner
The Colour Curator

Lee!! Thank you so much… I've been riding this incredible wave of happy energy since our session and I wanted to send you an email to say thank you and let you know how great I've felt since your healing. 

I've honestly had some of the best days I've ever had in my studio!!! Seriously!!

Since the healing, I've gone in with such joy and clarity surrounding what jobs needed to be done first and for once was not overcome with the stress of looking at my to do list or worrying about having the studio perfectly organised and cleaned before doing the main thing. The main thing is the main thing and that I've never been so clear since our session! Wow! 

And as a result of having this focus I've felt more job satisfaction and have left every day feeling on purpose and finishing early with plenty of time for fun and friends. 

I've used my intuition soooo much to solve problems and felt so flexible in letting my plans change....

Oh and my nerves have completely melted into complete acceptance & definitely feeling so grounded. I've been following your prayers below and finally starting to believe that  I am enough. Thank you, thank you!

This is only just some of the amazing experiences & manifestations that have popped up since our session.

This program is reserved for only 20 people maximum.

Due to the uniqueness of this program offering both Energy Healing and Coaching - it will not be available to a large group.

This ensures the Energy is kept sacred,

FOCUSED and high impact where I can work closely with each of you on your questions and goals.

Once you say YES - I'll send you over a GOAL SHEET so we can get you prepped for our first session. 


1. Is this program for men or women?

A:  It's for ANYONE ready to rise up to their next level of success. Full stop. 

2. What is Rapid Fire Coaching?

A:  It's FAST. No long-winded discussions on the past or history. It is intuited Divine guidance just for you, at the time you need it.    

It's a term I've coined to basically say - no BS, to the point, getting into the heart of the matter and TRUTH - style of Coaching! 

It's what I feel is missing a lot of the time in this industry. But don't fret - it isn't hard core to the point of no Compassion.

 There will be Compassion shown and given to you... and lots of respect for what you truly need too. 

It's just that I want to help you cover as much ground as possible, in the shortest amount of time reasonable.  

So you can go from BLOCKED, STALLED OR CONFUSED - to FREE, UPLIFTED AND CLEAR and moving on UP in your life again.


3. How does Coaching benefit me? 

A:  Like any successful leader, athlete or someone who is serious about getting the best results in their life - it's INVALUABLE to have someone in your corner to reach your goals! 

Someone who will FULLY support you, motivate you and help you make the needed changes that will enable you to grow and thrive in your home, social &  work/ business life.

As your Coach, I will hold space for you to open up, heal and face whatever it is that needs facing!!

We will work TOGETHER to help you blast away fears and limiting beliefs or sub-conscious patterns

that have been holding you back from greater success!  But of course - it is ultimately YOU that needs to take the action. So you are accountable for your results in this.  I simply HELP.


4. Is Group Coaching good?  

A: With Group Coaching - and this is from first-hand experience too - you'll have more opportunities to witness different people work through different challenges and goals.

Expanding your own knowledge and view of the world!

You will be part of an intimate Sacred Energy and Self-Development Container,

that will see each member rise up to their BEST VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES - with experiences that can inspire your own life too!

Making the whole experience an unforgettable one!


5: How does it work?

A:  You are given access to a Private FB Group - where we will host the Coaching session LIVE or via Zoom.

If you can't make a session, you can send in your qs prior to the call and I will address it then.

All sessions are recorded for easy access and replay!

Your Group Activation & Healings  are delivered once a month and you will be alerted when this is.

The healing sessions do not require your active involvement - you simply need to be open to receiving the LOVE + HEALING. 

6. If I try this and I change my mind can I get a refund?

A:  ​​No.  Just as I’ve expended my energy that once you’ve received, I cannot claim back, you cannot get a refund.
​Energy = Money.  Money = Energy.

An important value to learn.

You will know at the time of committing to this if this is right for you. 
(Note: in the case of emergencies, we can discuss other arrangements)

7. Do you offer monthly payment plans?

A:  Yes. To enable most people to afford investment in themselves I have introduced a 6 months payment plan at $333 per month 

or 3 months payment plan at

$555 per month. 

Or you can pay in full

at $1,555  to get best savings.

For perspective, my 1:1 Private Coaching programs are priced anywhere from upwards of $7k.

So this program is truly designed to be accessible for many people so that I can serve MORE PEOPLE.  

So come join me and make 2019 your best year yet! 


If you have any further questions, please get in touch:

E: lee@sacrednotscared.com.au

M: 0427 005 272

Email or SMS me and I will organise a time to speak with you.

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