Reiki & Crystal Healing (In person)

**COVID UPDATE: Only Distant Healings & Coaching services are available.

A powerful and natural way to achieve positive change

Reiki delivers a beautiful healing experience in its highest form. Whatever your specific need for healing whether it’s emotional, spiritual, mental or physical – it will restore, invigorate and transform your whole Being to a positive state. Rarely is there a health treatment that can benefit a person in all areas of their Wellbeing like Reiki can!

A skilled, light-filled Reiki practitioner has the ability to connect and transfer healing energy direct to an individual to remove unwanted negative energies and toxins. Boosting them with positive energy that rebalances and realigns them in Mind, Body and Spirit.

Working with pure ‘life force’ energy, this process is both powerful and enlightening.

The practitioner hovers their hands above the recipient’s body, moving through chakras and meridians from head to feet, to restore a clean energy flow.

As an added benefit, Crystal healing is also combined into the treatment. Resulting in a beautiful blend of modalities that heighten the healing experience further. Balancing and powering up all Chakras (key ‘Energy Zones’) in the process.

You will start to feel the benefits of a Reiki treatment either immediately or a few days following treatment.  

If you are unable to come in for a treatment in person, you can receive the full benefits of this wonderful healing experience through Distance Healing.

How does a Reiki & Crystal Healing work? 

  • Choose a date and time that best suits you
  • I welcome you to my treatment room right here in Melbourne
  • For a first visit, I will talk you through the treatment and ask you to complete my Signature 5 Sigma Health Model™ to gage your current concerns, goals and priorities
  • As a Transformational Coach, if needed, Life Coaching is also included as part of your holistic consult before the Energy healing commences. Lee Novak is trained as a Law of Attraction Coach and has already helped many clients manifest their goals!
  • We commence your wonderful Reiki treatment
  • Afterwards, we’ll share any feedback about the treatment and I will give you post-treatment recommendations

At Sacred Not Scared, we value Integrity and Quality in all that we do. We take cleanliness seriously.
We cleanse our healing room and each gemstone after each treatment – in fact this process is a ceremony in itself to ensure the room is prepared purely and solely for the client we are treating at the time.

We believe this is key to what also sets us apart from other Healing providers.

Find out more

Read more about the benefits of Reiki or contact me today and let’s begin your journey towards spiritual healing.


1 hour $160

1.5 hours $220

Our service is unique in the market.

All healing treatments include a full Chakras check, cleansing and balancing. Not all Healing services provide this as many restrict it to only localised treatment or what is specified.

As a valued client you will also be sent post treatment notes and given FREE access to a private Sacred Member Portal where you can access my top Spiritual and personal development tools to assist you on your life journey beyond.

To ensure best quality practises – we work based off a person’s unique Energy. So if possible, allow for up to 1.5 hrs depending on your Energy needs and what is discussed on the day. This is the general session length most people require. Unless of course, your Energy is quite elevated and clean which means your session may run shorter. 

– An additional fee of $10 applies for every 10 minutes run over time.
– If you are unable to attend 24 hours notice is required otherwise a $70 cancellation fee applies.
– Concession/ Pensioners receive $10 off all services


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