Reiki & Crystal Healing (In person)

A powerful, non-invasive and natural way to achieve positive change

A Reiki treatment is concerned with delivering a healing experience in its highest form. Whatever your specific need for healing – whether emotional, spiritual, mental or physical, it has the potential to restore, invigorate and transform.

An experienced Reiki practitioner has the ability to connect and transfer healing energy direct to an individual to remove negative or unwanted energies. Working with pure energy, the process is both powerful and non-invasive. The practitioner hovers their hands above the recipient’s body, moving through chakras and meridians from head to feet, restoring a clean energy flow.  As an added benefit, Crystal healing is also combined into the Reiki treatment.

Following a session, an individual’s complete energy system is cleansed and rebalanced and that individual will start to feel the benefits of this either immediately or a few days following treatment.  

As a high quality and experienced provider of Reiki and Crystal healing in Melbourne, I would like to help you achieve all of this. If you are unable to come to see me in person, whether because of geography or any other form of restriction, it is also possible to realise the full benefits of this wonderful healing experience through Reiki & Crystal Distance Healing.


How does a Reiki & Crystal Healing work? 

  • Choose a date and time that best suits you
  • I welcome you to my treatment room right here in Melbourne
  • For a first visit, I will talk you through the treatment and ask you to complete a Five Points Wellbeing Check to gauge your goals and priorities
  • We then commence your wonderful Reiki treatment
  • Afterwards, we’ll talk through the treatment and I will give you post-treatment recommendations

Find out more

Read more about the benefits of Reiki or contact me today and let’s begin your journey towards spiritual healing.


1 hour $120

1.5 hours $160

All treatments include Chakra cleansing and balancing.
Each client is emailed post treatment notes with personalised tools and recommendations to further support them on their journey.

An additional fee of $10 applies for every 10 minutes run over time.
If you are unable to attend 24 hours notice is required otherwise a $50 cancellation fee applies.
Concession/ Pensioners receive $10 off all services