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IMG_0763A bit about me… 

I am a qualified Reiki Master, Intuitive and Spiritual Coach who can assist you in clearing away negative energies and patterns that hinder your health and wellbeing. My passion and service is to help you understand your spiritual state and how you can elevate it to be at your absolute best!

I have helped people from different walks of life, through various ups and downs in both personal and professional lives. Yes, even when you’re up – you need to know how to stay grounded and how to maintain your best state throughout your journey!

Like many before me, my spiritual knowledge derives from the invaluable teachings from wonderful teachers, life experience, research and most importantly, my sacred Intuition. Self nurtured and inherited from my beautiful Mother (a gifted Fortune-Teller, Qi Gong and Feng Shui Specialist in the West of Melbourne) serving its’ purpose for this heart-led business today!

It is my greatest dream to be able to share my Spiritual Education and make this accessible to everyone.

Each learning I share on this site about Reiki and Spirituality will be based on real experiences I have had or witnessed, not dogma.

My professional background has been a fascinating journey.  From working high pressure roles in corporate management, pursuing music and leading successful teams, I always held a strong belief and interest in Spirituality and how it can positively affect peoples’ lives. Having experienced both ‘office life’ and an ‘artist’ life’, I learnt many lessons along the way on how different jobs can have a significant impact on one’s health and wellbeing.

For instance, one key observation is Office workers tend to internalise their negative emotions, creating stress and often illness. Whereas Artists and Creative workers tend to use their emotions to extract their most creative outputs however, the pressure of making ends meet and to stand out in a ‘tough industry’ also means they easily succumb to anxiety, stress and thus, illness.

This is why in my 30s, I chose to change my career and move into the space of wellness to be aligned with my highest gifts. More and more in this technologically advanced (yet data-whelmed) world we live in, I see people stressed out and unable to manage their lives healthily. So my goal is to help as many people as I can to heal and grow spiritually and to empower them to maintain this for themselves.

So, did I really throw away a successful career to launch into a completely different field AND possibly, one of the hardest to explain?

YES and I am very excited about the type of results I can help people achieve with what I know and what I have used to help myself with!  It is such a blessing to work with people on their spiritual path and coach them into greater health, success and wellbeing too.

The moment I reconnected with my Faith and discovered the power of Prayer/Manifesting The Life I Love, Reiki and Meditation – I was able to find the clarity that enabled me to be at my most fulfilled, strongest and happiest.

Reiki helps to boost and balance the energies between your ‘External Self’ (DOING) with your ‘Inner Self’ (BEING) so you can stay relaxed and at your best.  It connects you to your Higher Self and places you on the path of what I call, ‘soulful living’.

I hope you will visit this site often and take something useful from it to further your own spiritual growth. If you would like to find out more about reiki healing feel free to give me a call. Until next time.

Be sacred not scared,

Lee Luu

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